Séjour à Cork

Cork, 17th-22nd February 2024

70 sophomores and 5 teachers went on a 6-day learning trip to south-west Ireland. They became a little more acquainted with the Irish way of life and increased their knowledge of the emigration to the USA, the celtic culture and the issue of land ownership in Ireland.
They also grew familiar with Irish dancing and got the chance to practise it themselves !
Some students will undoubtedly remember for a long time their packed lunches or the lovely scones they enjoyed at Muckross House.
And, the trip would have been lacking in something without the rough sea of the journey back to France 🙂

The students’ comments :
« The places we visited were stunning : whether it be natural landscapes such as Torc waterfall or old mansions as Muckross House, or even an immigration ship. These local spots made us discover the country’s natural environment, culture and history. » Valentin, 202
« Families were very kind even if the food was not great and the butter was fake butter ! »
Chloé, 203
« My favourite activity was Irish dancing, it was hilarious ! » Lizaïg, 203
« At first, Irish dancing was rather awkward, but it ended up becoming quite funny ! » Emy, 205

« I loved the trip, it allowed me to strengthen the ties with the people of my class and to better discover the language. » Klervi, 205
« As for the food, I did not like it : the sandwiches contained a variety of ingredients : cheese, bacon, apple sauce, tomato, lettuce» Léo,205
« We returned to France on the ferry in a storm, so the night was complicated ! » Arthur,205
« The trip showed me how an other country looks, and being in Ireland with my friends was a lot of fun, and I really want to do it again. » Sudibya, 202