BATH, 26-31 MARCH 2024

50 junior atudents and four teachers of Victor & Hélène Basch went on a 6-day learning trip to south-west England.
This gave them the occasion to know more about the English way of life and to discover a variety of places through
different visits and guided tours : the impressive cathedral of Salisbury, the legendary round table in Winchester or
the world-famous neolithic site of Stonehenge.
The pouring rain did not stop us from doing our street art tour in Bristol, however, most of us prefered the Victorian
city of Bath basking in the sun ! Lastly, plunging into the world of college students in Oxford seduced us all.


Now, lets’ read some
students’comments :
« Stonehenge was beautiful, but it started raining a lot when we got there, so, we were freezing ! »
Amandine, 1G4.

« What I notice in the UK is that, you can literally drown in a puddle, and a few minutes later, you have
sun ! » Noan, 1G4.

« In Bristol, we could spot with our own eyes some of Banksy’s
graffitis . » Mariam, 1G3

« I especially enjoyed the visit of Bath as the day was less busy and we had a lot of free time. »
Célie, 1G3.

« On Friday morning, we went to Bath for a treasure hunt. I found it cool because it allowed us to visit the city on our own as the city was quite small, and it was easy for me to find my way around » Maéva, 1G4.

« My most favourite place was Bath, the architecture is fascinating and the cathedral is awesome. »
Alexandre, 1G4.

« I really enjoyed my trip to England. I found that despite the rain on the first two days, I had a nice stay. Our days
were rather busy, and we were not bored. It’s just the cold that was annoying especially at the beginning of the trip. »
Lila, 1G3.